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Definitely the best system on the market

When Novozymes were to implement a new system for generating arbejdspladsbrugsanvisninger (in English workplace instructions), we chose AlphaOmega from CHYMEIA. The reason for choosing AlphaOmega is that is is definitely the best system on the market, primarily due to the calculation module, which makes it easy to generate arbejdspladsbrugsanvisninger for all our solutions in the company. It has been important for us to have several fuctions integrated in one system - in particular, we here refer to the possibility to print hazard labels and to download lists on classifications for the departments in Novozymes.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation with CHYMEIA and their willingness to meet our suggestions to changes and requests for new functionalities in AlphaOmega.

Anne Sofie Uhrskov
Global Chemical Safety Adviser
Novozymes A/S



 Chr.Hansen   AlphaOmega, the best choice for Chr Hansen A/S

When Chr Hansen were to choose a new system for the authoring of workplace instructions, it was important for us that the new system were easy to use for all the ordinary people, who were to find workplace instructions, print labels etc. Furthermore, the system should ensure an easy and smooth workflow for the specialists entering data, including assist choosing correct classification and substances and calculate classification for products/mixtures. It was also a requirement that the system were able to download lists including classified substances for a single division; for example, a complete overview of substances problematic for pregnant women in each division. Finally, the system should be able to be upgraded with new legislation, and preferably transfer workplace instructions to other countries legislation, so we did not need to have separate systems in different countries.

To meet the above requirements, AlphaOmega were by far the best system on the Danish market. At the same time, we were able to document lower costs by using AlphaOmega than with competitive systems - mainly due to lower consumption per hour in the company.

At Chr Hansen, we are very pleased to cooperate with CHYMEIA and their flexibility and goodwill. Therefore, we highly recommend CHYMEIA and AlphaOmega.

Shahida Hamid, Occupational Safety Health Manager &
Mads Bennedsen, Senior Research Scientist

Chr Hansen Danmark



Gipeco logo


Great support

I think AlphaOmega works fine and has many excellent features, but most of all I am very pleased with the great support that I get from CHYMEIA, whenever I encounter a problem.

Ylva Thimour
Chemist/R&D Manager
Gipeco AB
(reference originally in Swedish)


Dana Lim


Target-oriented and flexible service

Here at Dana Lim we have long thought about which system we should choose for the authoring of our SDS and had contact to many different suppliers on the market. We decided for AlphaOmega because CHYMEIA offers a fast, target-orientated, and flexible service. All of these aims were fulfilled since we have the system.

Environmental Officer Dorthe Christensen
Dana Lim A/S

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS





Excellent customer service

“We contacted CHYMEIA for assistance with the translation of business documents. They provided excellent customer service, were very efficient, and produced high quality translations. As well as this, they gave us invaluable information about Danish regulations that will help us to progress our business there. We would recommend Chymeia to other companies as we were really satisfied with them.”

Zakia Tizi-Hsan
Export & Logistics Manager
Smart wall paint

Testimonial about CHYMEIA consultancies



älron logo


Very powerful tool

Alpha Omega has been a very positive experience for Alron. The program was easy to install and despite minimal training, it is easy to use. We are very pleased with the quality of the SDS, and the time taken to produce them has been shortened considerably. Particular, we estimate that Chymeia does not limit the number of products or charge extra for translation to other languages.

Alpha Omega is a very powerful tool whose potential beyond the production of the Safety Data Sheet we have only touched on.

Alvin Ronlan
Chef R&D
Alron Chemical Co AB

Sweden (reference originally in Swedish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS


That´s why we changed software

We changed our system to AlphaOmega to get an effective chemical management. The program automated a full range of administrative tasks: automated authoring of SDS and spares us a number of unnecessary tasks. AlphaOmega ensures that we are always complying to the newest regulations, because the program receives its information from legally valid lists.

B. Sc. Chem. Eng. Anders Gottlieb
Junckers A/S

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS





Meets all expectations

We changed to AlphaOmega to gain a simple and efficient solution for the authoring of SDS. The system meets all expectations; it is easy and clear. With the help of CHYMEIA we had a very good start and we were able to author SDS's already from ‘day one’ . We also chose AlphaOmega, because we are sure that the software can cope with new tasks such as REACH or CLP and more.

Ann Thorngaard Reifling
Andreas Jennow AS

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS



mac baren tobacco100


Automation of time-consuming processes

We chose AlphaOmega because the program can fulfill our high quality standards and is able to automate time-consuming processes. The program gives us the possibility of exercising pro-active chemical control.

Quality Coordinator Lisbeth Christiansen
Mac Baren Tobacco Production A/S

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega APB





Better SDS

Here at Beck & Jørgensen A/S CHYMEIA´s AlphaOmega was implemented in 2009. The change to this platform is a gain for us, because now we can carry out much more precise calculations and classifications of SDS and therefore receive better SDS, without manually adjusting them.

Product Manager Thomas Sørensen
Beck & Jørgensen A/S

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS





Exceptionally intelligent program

Previously we hired consultants if we were not able to calculate SDS on our own. This cost a lot of time and money! With AlphaOmega you also have the option of going ´backwards´ in the development of new formulas until the product has the wanted diluted rating. Only compliments for an exceptionally intelligent program.

Cecilia Evaldsson
Blue & Green

SWEDEN (reference originally in Swedish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS



Knud E Dan


Very satisfied

Very satisfied with the program. Very positive, that suggestions for improvements were considered. Well done, that something as complicated as chemical legislation can be translated so easy into a user-friendly application.

Chemical Engineer M. IDA Lars Bøgeholm
Knud E. Dan A/S

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS





Good overview

Kemex is happy to work with AlphaOmega. We transferred our data from the previous program and the change was a big relief. AlphaOmega is very customer-friendly and provides a good overview.

Quality and Environment Officer Judith Stegelmann

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega SDS





Customer-friendly and efficient

We chose AlphaOmega, because we wanted an effective as well as easy to handle chemical management system. With AlphaOmega we found such a fully automated solution, which simplifies our work. We emphasized on AlphaOmega´s solutions for the authoring of COSHH Risk Assessments. The program is also integrated in the working processes in our laboratory. Easy and efficient – exactly as we wanted it.

Senior Technician Jan Eriksen
CMC Biologics A/S

DENMARK (reference originally in Danish)
Testemonial about AlphaOmega APB





        ah diagnostics nytlogo


Can be used in all countrieswithout any adjustments

AH diagnostics has been extremely satisfied - especially with all the support, we have received from the company and there is nearly no response time regarding questions. AlphaOmega software was chosen, because it, without any adjustments, can be used in all the countries that AH diagnostics operates.

Niels Stampe Rüdiger, PhD
Managing Director, CEO
AH diagnostics group





Easy to work with

AlphaOmega is easy to work with, as it is a logical structured program, which takes into account most questions regarding classification.  We have received great assistance from Chymeia’s highly engaged employees, who have invested the time necessary to help us.

Generally, we are impressed that all the underlying complicated calculations can be handled, resulting in useful and approved documents.

Henrik Boysen
Ampliqon A/S


Our Business is running faster


We have contacted CHYMEIA to assist us with issuing and translations of our SDS. We were positively surprised that they corrected our documents through AlphaOmega in very short time for really reasonable price. As we have to change plenty SDS according to CLP, our business is running much faster and we are sure that all documents are according to law.

Petr Charvát
Export and Regional Manager
SOLIRA Company s.r.o 



Time saving, up to date and user friendly


At Unipak A/S, we have achieved great timesavings after we started using AlphaOmega. The software is up-to-date with the legislation; it is user-friendly and has good language packages. With AlphaOmega, we obtained great value for money.


ChemistTri M. Nguyen
Unipak A/S



 swan analytical instruments  

Lean software solution and competent experts

Due to AlphaOmega’ s fast and easy implementation of the new globally harmonized system (GHS), substances being handled in a data base structure and our demand to provide multi-language SDS, we have chosen to use AlphaOmega and are extremely satisfied.

Not only that, AlphaOmega offers a lean software solution and their competent experts provide advice in issues surrounding regulatory affairs.

Marco Lendi (B. Sc. Chemistry)
SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG




Easy to understand

Respekt Danmark A/S has been using AlphaOmega for approximately two years and we are very satisfied with the programme and its multiple options.
It is easy to understand, simple and fast. It is also a valuable tool, when developing new products.

Bo Paaskesen
Respekt Danmark A/S



Care Repair logo  

User friendly and easy

In Care-Repair A/S, we chose AlphaOmega because we wanted a uniform program for the authoring of our SDS and APB. The programme is easy to work in and very user friendly. CHYMEIA provides great support, if we have any questions or problems with the system/software. Another advantage is also that we can easily convert our SDS into a number of other languages. It is very recommendable.

Rikke Würtz
Care-Repair A/S