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AlphaOmega - the most automated and intelligent software for SDS authoring, COSHH risk assessment and Chemical management.


These tasks are completed with a high degree of automation, making it easier to work thoroughly and seriously with the authoring of safety data sheets. The advanced automation consists of an intelligent and automated phrase selection, calculation of CLP classification, update functions and an efficient distribution of documents.

In 2007 AlphaOmega was launched and within the first year, the software set new standards for the handling of chemical documents in Denmark; let our references convince you.

AlphaOmega can author Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as well as COSHH Risk Assessments. On the right side you find a menu which leads to the documents that interest you the most. Read more about the functions of AlphaOmega here.

 The philosophy of AlphaOmega


The philosophy behind AlphaOmega is to make authoring of safety data sheets as easy as possible, without compromising quality. The users are to solve an extremely complicated task, and it is our job to make it as easy as possible for them, without compromising quality.

Therefore, we have automated as many processes as possible, and built in several control functions. In this way, we do not only author better safety data sheets, we also eliminate the faults of others and increase security in general.

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The success of AlphaOmega mainly results from the advanced automated processes in the software, which include a CLP calculator, integrated control functions, smart updating functions and an automated phrase library. Contact us for more information on phone +45 72 40 16 22.