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Chemical Management Software

Available in both the SDS version as well as in a COSHH Risk Assessment version


When working with safety data sheets and in particular COSSH risk assessments, you have to make a basic choice: Do you want an active chemical management along with your documents, or do you want a passive document management ?

With AlphaOmega you have the possibility to combine the automated document generating along with an active chemicals management. In AlphaOmega, you handle your chemicals in an individual database. This gives you the option to generate reports and to provide an overview of your chemicals. This is the prerequisite for an effective chemicals policy. If you have to solve the task of chemicals management, you may as well solve it in a valuable way.  

Chemicals management protects your employees. 

An active chemicals management and effective chemicals policy ensures better protection of your employees. This is done through updates, substitution, phasing, risk assessments, procedures and overvies. You will find these tools in AlphaOmega. These actions will also send a powerful and motivating signal to your employees that their safety is taken seriously.

Chemicals Management reduces costs

An active chemicals policy provides direct savings, by phasing out chemicals and eliminating duplication of work and by increasing overview and a better purchasing management.