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Claus Ankjærgaard

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Name and Title:
Claus Ankjærgaard, Senior Consultant, Chemicals Legislation

M. Sc. Environmental Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

Areas of responsibility:
Expert advisor about the rules, obligations and duties in relation to chemicals legislation with a focus on biocides, REACH, food-contact materials, cosmetic products, nano-materials, the PIC Regulation, VOC i paint products and SEVESO rules (II & III)

E-mail: clan@chymeia.com

Phone: +45 29 64 71 57



More than 12 years of experience from the chemical industry and the Danish EPA:

- HEMPEL A/S, Group Manager, HSE, 2008-2014
- HEMPEL A/S, Regulatory specialist (REACH & Biocides), 2004-2008
- The Danish Paint and Ink Association (DFL), REACH project, 2003-2004
- Danish EPA, Chemicals Division, Technical specialist, 2001-2002

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